Food Cravings And Homeopathy

Food Cravings And Homeopathy

It is important whether we eat to live or live to eat. Food cravings are an intense desire for a particular type of food. When the desire becomes intense and uncontrollable we can call it a craving. And those people may feel unsatisfied with their hunger until they get that specific food. Every person experiences cravings differently. Some may have an intense craving for sugar and others may have a desire for spicy, salty food items and another category with a craving for processed foods that are high in salt and unhealthful fats. Studies suggest that males are more likely to crave savoury foods, whereas females are more likely to crave high-fat and sweet foods.

What are the causes of food cravings? The first answer is due to hormonal changes. During menstruation and pregnancy hormonal changes take place, these hormonal changes may create food cravings. Brain regions responsible for memory, pleasure, reward play a role in food cravings..Emotions also contribute to food cravings. And the next question is how to reduce this craving?

There are certain techniques to reduce cravings. They are

* reduce stress levels

*drink plenty of water

*get enough sleep

*eat enough protein

*avoid hunger

*replace unhealthy foods with healthy snacks.

 Following these methods will help you to reduce your cravings. But for a permanent change, you should seek medical attention. Your homeopath will help you to overcome this craving and related health problems. The homeopath will consider your emotional and physical symptoms before prescribing medicines. And consider the patient as a whole. If you want a permanent solution through a harmless and effective method then please contact your homeopath. 

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