Sinusitis or sinus headache most commonly occurs as an acute attack. Sinusitis is a common condition defined as inflammation of the para nasal sinuses. These para nasal sinuses are air-filled cavities, and they produce mucus that is needed for the effective functioning of nasal passages. In Australia 1.4 in every 100 general practice encounters were for acute or chronic sinusitis. And the prevalence is increasing rapidly due to lifestyle and habits. Sinusitis commonly occurs when mucus binds up and the nasal passage is blocked and it leads to irritation and inflammation of sinuses. There are many types of sinuses in our body, but sinusitis refers to inflammation of para nasal sinuses which are located behind the face. Issues may vary depending on the duration of the disease. Common problems like headache especially above the eyebrows, facial pain, pain on both sides of the nose, postnasal dripping (mucus runs down to the back of the throat), sore throat, bad breath, sensitivity to light, complaints more when stooping, reduced sense of smell and taste are present.

The common cause of sinusitis is a viral infection, bacterial infection also leads to sinusitis. Sensitivity to substances such as dust, pollen, etc may function as a triggering factor. There are two types of sinusitis. Acute and chronic. When sinusitis lasts more than 12weeks it’s called chronic sinusitis. But it may last only 7-10days. If you are suffering from these issues now it’s time to meet your homeopath.

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