The role of homeopathy in fatigue

Fatigue and homeopathy

Fatigue is the term to describe the overall feeling of tiredness and lack of energy. The feeling of sleepiness is different from fatigue. Being sleepy may be a sign of fatigue but it is not the same thing. Fatigue can be caused due to many underlying diseases ranging in severity from mild to severe. But it also results from some lifestyle changes, such as lack of exercise or proper diet. We can list down the causes of fatigue.

lifestyle factors like

*physical exertion

*lack of sleep

*emotional stress



*smoking, alcohol

*Consuming too much caffeine.

Health conditions like

* arthritis



*diabetes Melitus

* hypothyroidism


*kidney diseases

*lung diseases




These are the common causes of fatigue. If you can’t figure out anything that accounts for your fatigues then you should seek medical attention. If you experience fatigue along with ( rectal bleeding, vomiting of blood, shortness of breath, pain in your chest area, severe pain in the abdomen) these symptoms then you should seek medical help. 

What is the role of homeopathy in fatigue?

Homeopathy considers the patient as a whole. After considering the emotional and physical state of the patient, the homeopath will choose the remedy. This method of treatment will help to find out the exact cause of your disease and help to remove it from the roots.. Choose the holistic method of treatment.

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